Monday, February 16, 2009


I have woken up in a life that is not mine. A time and a space that is unreal or is it? I want out of this world, this pain, this time. I don't want to replace it with what was, but the pain is too great to choose to live this. With no ability to do what i will i am once again trapped in a world i hate, an existance that is not my choice. Rage screams through my mind like a ghost of a monster i can not catch, but i can not send away. Death. Dancing with her, courting her, praying for her and yet just as i think i have her she slips away and i am left. Trapped in this tormenting world that i can not escape. Alone. Lost. Afraid.
Help me.
Don't hurt me.
Death. Where are you friend?
Come for me. See me. Take me with you.
Screaming tears of lost and hopeless futility.
Just nothingness.

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