Wednesday, March 4, 2009

silent aching ugly
dripping from the wordless cage of hurt
like blood ozzing from an old raw wound.
no bandade big enough
not ever enough tissues
running down a tired bland
from sad eyes that can not let you see
the depth of darkness
that seems to strangle a parched tongue
and hold her bound
in a place without time.
in nothingness
tired of reaching, searching
prayers into the emptyness
that traps her fragile heart.
where were you?
damn you!!!
where were you?
did you see me there?
and do nothing!
and you call yourself love?
Were you holding the good children?
Were you loving the pretty girls?
where were you?
all loving one???
all knowing one?
holding a bloodied fist in the air
at the you that was not there.
that did not come and find me
that let me slip away into
come find me now
before I slit my throat and
go back
to the only place
that ever seemed to care.

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